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+## Welcome ##
+Welcome to my Quake study page. I am planning to read and understand the Quake code for fun and learning. I am electronics engineer and studied c as part of my course. Even though I turned out to be a software engineer later, I never did production C. I mostly use Python, JavaScript and Java. Last time I wrote decent C code was when I was in final year of engineering.
+I am not studying this to learn C programming. I am studying this just to enjoy the beauty of software produced by Johns. To explore whats behind that game.
+## Process ##
+Downloaded code from [ID Software's]( ftp site. This repository is just a fork of it. I am adding comments as I read and understand the code. Then I will use [Pyyco]( to generated readable documentation.
+The repository helps others to contribute and track. Once its complete and I will publish the complete [documentation on my site]( 
+## License ## 
+Its all under [GNU/GPL]( You may want to read [John Carmack's release notes](
+# Progress #