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Any of the information listed below could change. Check the id software
Web Site, at www.idsoftware.com, for updates.

A. Tech Support Options
id Software does charge for technical support, but we strive to offer
this service at the lowest cost possible. Because volume on the support
lines dictate costs, we periodically adjust our rates for Voice Tech
Support. Check our web site for current pricing.

Paying for Voice or Automated Support
1 -- You can get Voice Support using a major credit card for a one-time
shot.  The system asks for your credit card number and expiration date,
then pre-authorizes your credit card for the tech support call. You will
only be billed for the number of minutes actually used.

2 -- You can assign yourself a rechargeable PIN account. The system prompts
you for your credit card information, and assigns you a PIN account number.
You can use the PIN to access Voice Support, Automated Support and the
Game Hints Line. Once your account runs out, you can charge it up again.

3 -- You may also charge up a PIN account using the number 1 (900) call-2-id.
Then call back at 1(800)ID-GAMES (1(800)434-3627), and use your new PIN to
receive all the support and hints you wish.

4 -- id Software's Game Hints Line is accessible either using a PIN account
via 1 (800) ID-GAMES (see above), or by calling 1 (900) CALL2-ID, which
places the call on your phone bill.

	1. Voice Support
		Telephone -- 1 (800) id-games

		Lines Open from 12 noon to 10pm Central Time, 7 Days a
                week ($1.75 per minute). Closed some holidays

                Please have the following information handy.
			1.  Game title and version number. (The version
                            number can be found on the end text screen.)
			2.  Your operating system, processor, processor
                            speed and amount of RAM.
			3.  If you are having a sound, video or modem
                            problem, we need to know the device brand name
                            and model.

	2. Automated Support
		Telephone -- 1 (800) id-games 

                Lines Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or 366 days
                in Leap years ($0.25 per minute)

                Please have pencil and paper handy.

	3. E-mail Support
		Just send your e-mail to support@idsoftware.com

                We will do our best to respond within 48 hours after
                receiving your e-mail.

                When sending e-mail, cut and paste the following into your
                e-mail message and fill in the blanks:

Phone number:  
E-mail address:  (please include this, we redirect tons of mail)
Game Title:  
Version #:  
Operating system (eg., DOS 6.0 or Windows 95):
Computer type:  
Processor type:  
Processor speed:  
Video card brand and model:  (only if video problem)
Audio card brand and model:  (only if audio problem)
Modem brand and model:  (only if modem problem)
Network card brand and model:  (only if netgame problem)
Network configuration (eg., NET.CFG file):  (only if netgame problem)
Drivers, protocol stacks, and versions:  (eg., lsl v2.14, exp16odi
v2.33, and ipxodi v3.01)  (only if netgame problem)
If there were any error messages or fault information, report them
Please state the problem you encountered:
Please state how to reproduce the problem:

	4. Web Support
		Found at www.idsoftware.com

		Our web support pages provide the same information that's
                available via Automated Support, except it's free!

	5. News Sites
		For information, FAQ, or announcements:
		For editing and hecking Quake-related files:
		For general Quake discussion:

	6. Game Hints Line
		Telephone -- 1 (800) id-games or 1 (900) call-2-id

                Lines Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or 366 days
                in Leap years ($0.85 per minute)
                You must be 18 years of age or have parental permission
                to call 1 (900) call-2-id.

B. In Europe
        The help lines in Europe are open 7:30am - 5:00pm GMT,
        Monday - Friday.

English:	+44 01923 209145
German:		+44 (0)1923 209151
French:		+44 (0)1923 209148

C. Problems
	If you have an unfavorable experience using our services, please
        send e-mail to 911@idsoftware.com.  We would also like to hear
        from you if you have something positive to share with us.  Kindly
        include your full name, address, phone number, and the problem
        encountered or information you'd like to tell us about.