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README for Linux SVGALib Quake


- X11R5 later, only tested with XFree86, should work with most X Servers
- libc 5.2.18 or later (5.0.9 will not work, /lib/
- CD-ROM for CDAudio
- Soundcard capable of mmap'd buffers.  USSLite 3.5.4 was used to build squake
  with.  Works fine on SoundBlaster 16 and Gravis Ultrasound MAX.
- SVGALib supported mouse (usually if it works with X, it'll work with
- Kernel 2.0.24 or later
  - untested with 2.1 kernels, your mileage may vary

This is a windowed version that is generic for X11.  It runs in a window
and can be resized.  You can specify a starting window size with:
	-width <width>
	-height <height>
	-winsize <width> <height>
Default is 320x200. It works in 16bit modes, but it's slower (twice as many
bytes to copy).

No other video modes are supported (just runs windowed).  Mouse is read, but
not "grabbed" by default.  Go to the Options menu and turn on Use Mouse to grab
the mouse and use it in the game.  If you want to move the mouse out of
QWCL, you have to turn Use Mouse off.

Full sound support is included.  The default sound rate is 16-bit stereo,
11KHz.  You can change this in the options section below.

New Command Line Options for Linux SVGAlib Quake

-mem <mb>
Specify memory in megabytes to allocate (default is 8MB, which should be fine
for most needs).

Don't do any output to stdout

-cddev <device>
CD device, default is /dev/cdrom

-sndbits <8 or 16>
Set sound bit sample size.  Default is 16 if supported.

-sndspeed <speed>
Set sound speed.  Usual values are 8000, 11025, 22051 and 44100.
Default is 11025.

Set mono sound

Set stereo sound (default if supported)


Boot DOS (I know, but you need it to run the Quake install program) and
install Quake from your Quake CD to a DOS parition.

Boot Linux and make a directory for Quake.  Copy everything from the DOS Quake
directory into it.  i.e.:
	(cd /dos/quake; tar cf - .) | (cd ~/quake; tar xf -)

Quake for X11 does not need to be setuid root.  Sound can fail if /dev/dsp is
not mode 666.

Quake may segfault if it tries to initialize your sound card and their isn't
one.  Same with the CDROM.  If it dies, try it with -nosound and/or
-nocdaudio.  If you have a sound card it died on and you know it is
supported by USSLite (the driver that comes with the Linux kernel), let me
know and I'll take a look at it.

It should work with SCSI CDROMs, but is untested.

Full TCP/IP network support is in, including listen and dedicated server

All of the options described in TECHINFO.TXT and MANUAL.TXT from the Quake
distribution will work, 'cept for stuff with vid modes and stuff.

End Notes

Linux Quake is *NOT* an officially supported product.  Mail about it
will be deleted.  Do not email id about this product.  If you are having
technical difficultly, you can email me, but make sure you have the correct
kernel, libc, svgalib and other software versions before you email me.

Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch
Official Quake Unix Port Administrator


Greg Alexander <> for initial work in SVGALib
Dave Taylor <> for basic Linux support.
id Software for Quake and making me port it. :)

Lots of people on #linux, #quake for testing.