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quake3 / code / botlib / be_aas_def.h

Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.

This file is part of Quake III Arena source code.

Quake III Arena source code is free software; you can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
or (at your option) any later version.

Quake III Arena source code is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Foobar; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA

 * name:		be_aas_def.h
 * desc:		AAS
 * $Archive: /source/code/botlib/be_aas_def.h $

//debugging on
#define AAS_DEBUG

#define MAX_CLIENTS			64
#define	MAX_MODELS			256		// these are sent over the net as 8 bits
#define	MAX_SOUNDS			256		// so they cannot be blindly increased

#define	CS_SCORES			32

#define DF_AASENTNUMBER(x)		(x - aasworld.entities)
#define DF_NUMBERAASENT(x)		(&aasworld.entities[x])
#define DF_AASENTCLIENT(x)		(x - aasworld.entities - 1)
#define DF_CLIENTAASENT(x)		(&aasworld.entities[x + 1])

#ifndef MAX_PATH
	#define MAX_PATH				MAX_QPATH

//string index (for model, sound and image index)
typedef struct aas_stringindex_s
	int numindexes;
	char **index;
} aas_stringindex_t;

//structure to link entities to areas and areas to entities
typedef struct aas_link_s
	int entnum;
	int areanum;
	struct aas_link_s *next_ent, *prev_ent;
	struct aas_link_s *next_area, *prev_area;
} aas_link_t;

//structure to link entities to leaves and leaves to entities
typedef struct bsp_link_s
	int entnum;
	int leafnum;
	struct bsp_link_s *next_ent, *prev_ent;
	struct bsp_link_s *next_leaf, *prev_leaf;
} bsp_link_t;

typedef struct bsp_entdata_s
	vec3_t origin;
	vec3_t angles;
	vec3_t absmins;
	vec3_t absmaxs;
	int solid;
	int modelnum;
} bsp_entdata_t;

typedef struct aas_entity_s
	//entity info
	aas_entityinfo_t i;
	//links into the AAS areas
	aas_link_t *areas;
	//links into the BSP leaves
	bsp_link_t *leaves;
} aas_entity_t;

typedef struct aas_settings_s
	vec3_t phys_gravitydirection;
	float phys_friction;
	float phys_stopspeed;
	float phys_gravity;
	float phys_waterfriction;
	float phys_watergravity;
	float phys_maxvelocity;
	float phys_maxwalkvelocity;
	float phys_maxcrouchvelocity;
	float phys_maxswimvelocity;
	float phys_walkaccelerate;
	float phys_airaccelerate;
	float phys_swimaccelerate;
	float phys_maxstep;
	float phys_maxsteepness;
	float phys_maxwaterjump;
	float phys_maxbarrier;
	float phys_jumpvel;
	float phys_falldelta5;
	float phys_falldelta10;
	float rs_waterjump;
	float rs_teleport;
	float rs_barrierjump;
	float rs_startcrouch;
	float rs_startgrapple;
	float rs_startwalkoffledge;
	float rs_startjump;
	float rs_rocketjump;
	float rs_bfgjump;
	float rs_jumppad;
	float rs_aircontrolledjumppad;
	float rs_funcbob;
	float rs_startelevator;
	float rs_falldamage5;
	float rs_falldamage10;
	float rs_maxfallheight;
	float rs_maxjumpfallheight;
} aas_settings_t;

#define CACHETYPE_AREA			1

//routing cache
typedef struct aas_routingcache_s
	byte type;									//portal or area cache
	float time;									//last time accessed or updated
	int size;									//size of the routing cache
	int cluster;								//cluster the cache is for
	int areanum;								//area the cache is created for
	vec3_t origin;								//origin within the area
	float starttraveltime;						//travel time to start with
	int travelflags;							//combinations of the travel flags
	struct aas_routingcache_s *prev, *next;
	struct aas_routingcache_s *time_prev, *time_next;
	unsigned char *reachabilities;				//reachabilities used for routing
	unsigned short int traveltimes[1];			//travel time for every area (variable sized)
} aas_routingcache_t;

//fields for the routing algorithm
typedef struct aas_routingupdate_s
	int cluster;
	int areanum;								//area number of the update
	vec3_t start;								//start point the area was entered
	unsigned short int tmptraveltime;			//temporary travel time
	unsigned short int *areatraveltimes;		//travel times within the area
	qboolean inlist;							//true if the update is in the list
	struct aas_routingupdate_s *next;
	struct aas_routingupdate_s *prev;
} aas_routingupdate_t;

//reversed reachability link
typedef struct aas_reversedlink_s
	int linknum;								//the aas_areareachability_t
	int areanum;								//reachable from this area
	struct aas_reversedlink_s *next;			//next link
} aas_reversedlink_t;

//reversed area reachability
typedef struct aas_reversedreachability_s
	int numlinks;
	aas_reversedlink_t *first;
} aas_reversedreachability_t;

//areas a reachability goes through
typedef struct aas_reachabilityareas_s
	int firstarea, numareas;
} aas_reachabilityareas_t;

typedef struct aas_s
	int loaded;									//true when an AAS file is loaded
	int initialized;							//true when AAS has been initialized
	int savefile;								//set true when file should be saved
	int bspchecksum;
	//current time
	float time;
	int numframes;
	//name of the aas file
	char filename[MAX_PATH];
	char mapname[MAX_PATH];
	//bounding boxes
	int numbboxes;
	aas_bbox_t *bboxes;
	int numvertexes;
	aas_vertex_t *vertexes;
	int numplanes;
	aas_plane_t *planes;
	int numedges;
	aas_edge_t *edges;
	//edge index
	int edgeindexsize;
	aas_edgeindex_t *edgeindex;
	int numfaces;
	aas_face_t *faces;
	//face index
	int faceindexsize;
	aas_faceindex_t *faceindex;
	//convex areas
	int numareas;
	aas_area_t *areas;
	//convex area settings
	int numareasettings;
	aas_areasettings_t *areasettings;
	//reachablity list
	int reachabilitysize;
	aas_reachability_t *reachability;
	//nodes of the bsp tree
	int numnodes;
	aas_node_t *nodes;
	//cluster portals
	int numportals;
	aas_portal_t *portals;
	//cluster portal index
	int portalindexsize;
	aas_portalindex_t *portalindex;
	int numclusters;
	aas_cluster_t *clusters;
	int numreachabilityareas;
	float reachabilitytime;
	//enities linked in the areas
	aas_link_t *linkheap;						//heap with link structures
	int linkheapsize;							//size of the link heap
	aas_link_t *freelinks;						//first free link
	aas_link_t **arealinkedentities;			//entities linked into areas
	int maxentities;
	int maxclients;
	aas_entity_t *entities;
	//string indexes
	char *configstrings[MAX_CONFIGSTRINGS];
	int indexessetup;
	//index to retrieve travel flag for a travel type
	int travelflagfortype[MAX_TRAVELTYPES];
	//travel flags for each area based on contents
	int *areacontentstravelflags;
	//routing update
	aas_routingupdate_t *areaupdate;
	aas_routingupdate_t *portalupdate;
	//number of routing updates during a frame (reset every frame)
	int frameroutingupdates;
	//reversed reachability links
	aas_reversedreachability_t *reversedreachability;
	//travel times within the areas
	unsigned short ***areatraveltimes;
	//array of size numclusters with cluster cache
	aas_routingcache_t ***clusterareacache;
	aas_routingcache_t **portalcache;
	//cache list sorted on time
	aas_routingcache_t *oldestcache;		// start of cache list sorted on time
	aas_routingcache_t *newestcache;		// end of cache list sorted on time
	//maximum travel time through portal areas
	int *portalmaxtraveltimes;
	//areas the reachabilities go through
	int *reachabilityareaindex;
	aas_reachabilityareas_t *reachabilityareas;
} aas_t;



#include "be_aas_main.h"
#include "be_aas_entity.h"
#include "be_aas_sample.h"
#include "be_aas_cluster.h"
#include "be_aas_reach.h"
#include "be_aas_route.h"
#include "be_aas_routealt.h"
#include "be_aas_debug.h"
#include "be_aas_file.h"
#include "be_aas_optimize.h"
#include "be_aas_bsp.h"
#include "be_aas_move.h"