quake3 / code / botlib / be_aas_main.h

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 * name:		be_aas_main.h
 * desc:		AAS
 * $Archive: /source/code/botlib/be_aas_main.h $


extern aas_t aasworld;

//AAS error message
void QDECL AAS_Error(char *fmt, ...);
//set AAS initialized
void AAS_SetInitialized(void);
//setup AAS with the given number of entities and clients
int AAS_Setup(void);
//shutdown AAS
void AAS_Shutdown(void);
//start a new map
int AAS_LoadMap(const char *mapname);
//start a new time frame
int AAS_StartFrame(float time);
#endif //AASINTERN

//returns true if AAS is initialized
int AAS_Initialized(void);
//returns true if the AAS file is loaded
int AAS_Loaded(void);
//returns the model name from the given index
char *AAS_ModelFromIndex(int index);
//returns the index from the given model name
int AAS_IndexFromModel(char *modelname);
//returns the current time
float AAS_Time(void);
void AAS_ProjectPointOntoVector( vec3_t point, vec3_t vStart, vec3_t vEnd, vec3_t vProj );