quake3 / code / cgame / tr_types.h

Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.

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#ifndef __TR_TYPES_H
#define __TR_TYPES_H

#define	MAX_DLIGHTS		32			// can't be increased, because bit flags are used on surfaces
#define	MAX_ENTITIES	1023		// can't be increased without changing drawsurf bit packing

// renderfx flags
#define	RF_MINLIGHT			1		// allways have some light (viewmodel, some items)
#define	RF_THIRD_PERSON		2		// don't draw through eyes, only mirrors (player bodies, chat sprites)
#define	RF_FIRST_PERSON		4		// only draw through eyes (view weapon, damage blood blob)
#define	RF_DEPTHHACK		8		// for view weapon Z crunching
#define	RF_NOSHADOW			64		// don't add stencil shadows

#define RF_LIGHTING_ORIGIN	128		// use refEntity->lightingOrigin instead of refEntity->origin
									// for lighting.  This allows entities to sink into the floor
									// with their origin going solid, and allows all parts of a
									// player to get the same lighting
#define	RF_SHADOW_PLANE		256		// use refEntity->shadowPlane
#define	RF_WRAP_FRAMES		512		// mod the model frames by the maxframes to allow continuous
									// animation without needing to know the frame count

// refdef flags
#define RDF_NOWORLDMODEL	1		// used for player configuration screen
#define RDF_HYPERSPACE		4		// teleportation effect

typedef struct {
	vec3_t		xyz;
	float		st[2];
	byte		modulate[4];
} polyVert_t;

typedef struct poly_s {
	qhandle_t			hShader;
	int					numVerts;
	polyVert_t			*verts;
} poly_t;

typedef enum {
	RT_PORTALSURFACE,		// doesn't draw anything, just info for portals

} refEntityType_t;

typedef struct {
	refEntityType_t	reType;
	int			renderfx;

	qhandle_t	hModel;				// opaque type outside refresh

	// most recent data
	vec3_t		lightingOrigin;		// so multi-part models can be lit identically (RF_LIGHTING_ORIGIN)
	float		shadowPlane;		// projection shadows go here, stencils go slightly lower

	vec3_t		axis[3];			// rotation vectors
	qboolean	nonNormalizedAxes;	// axis are not normalized, i.e. they have scale
	float		origin[3];			// also used as MODEL_BEAM's "from"
	int			frame;				// also used as MODEL_BEAM's diameter

	// previous data for frame interpolation
	float		oldorigin[3];		// also used as MODEL_BEAM's "to"
	int			oldframe;
	float		backlerp;			// 0.0 = current, 1.0 = old

	// texturing
	int			skinNum;			// inline skin index
	qhandle_t	customSkin;			// NULL for default skin
	qhandle_t	customShader;		// use one image for the entire thing

	// misc
	byte		shaderRGBA[4];		// colors used by rgbgen entity shaders
	float		shaderTexCoord[2];	// texture coordinates used by tcMod entity modifiers
	float		shaderTime;			// subtracted from refdef time to control effect start times

	// extra sprite information
	float		radius;
	float		rotation;
} refEntity_t;


typedef struct {
	int			x, y, width, height;
	float		fov_x, fov_y;
	vec3_t		vieworg;
	vec3_t		viewaxis[3];		// transformation matrix

	// time in milliseconds for shader effects and other time dependent rendering issues
	int			time;

	int			rdflags;			// RDF_NOWORLDMODEL, etc

	// 1 bits will prevent the associated area from rendering at all
	byte		areamask[MAX_MAP_AREA_BYTES];

	// text messages for deform text shaders
} refdef_t;

typedef enum {
} stereoFrame_t;

** glconfig_t
** Contains variables specific to the OpenGL configuration
** being run right now.  These are constant once the OpenGL
** subsystem is initialized.
typedef enum {
} textureCompression_t;

typedef enum {
	GLDRV_ICD,					// driver is integrated with window system
								// WARNING: there are tests that check for
								// > GLDRV_ICD for minidriverness, so this
								// should always be the lowest value in this
								// enum set
	GLDRV_STANDALONE,			// driver is a non-3Dfx standalone driver
	GLDRV_VOODOO				// driver is a 3Dfx standalone driver
} glDriverType_t;

typedef enum {
	GLHW_GENERIC,			// where everthing works the way it should
	GLHW_3DFX_2D3D,			// Voodoo Banshee or Voodoo3, relevant since if this is
							// the hardware type then there can NOT exist a secondary
							// display adapter
	GLHW_RIVA128,			// where you can't interpolate alpha
	GLHW_RAGEPRO,			// where you can't modulate alpha on alpha textures
	GLHW_PERMEDIA2			// where you don't have src*dst
} glHardwareType_t;

typedef struct {
	char					renderer_string[MAX_STRING_CHARS];
	char					vendor_string[MAX_STRING_CHARS];
	char					version_string[MAX_STRING_CHARS];
	char					extensions_string[BIG_INFO_STRING];

	int						maxTextureSize;			// queried from GL
	int						maxActiveTextures;		// multitexture ability

	int						colorBits, depthBits, stencilBits;

	glDriverType_t			driverType;
	glHardwareType_t		hardwareType;

	qboolean				deviceSupportsGamma;
	textureCompression_t	textureCompression;
	qboolean				textureEnvAddAvailable;

	int						vidWidth, vidHeight;
	// aspect is the screen's physical width / height, which may be different
	// than scrWidth / scrHeight if the pixels are non-square
	// normal screens should be 4/3, but wide aspect monitors may be 16/9
	float					windowAspect;

	int						displayFrequency;

	// synonymous with "does rendering consume the entire screen?", therefore
	// a Voodoo or Voodoo2 will have this set to TRUE, as will a Win32 ICD that
	// used CDS.
	qboolean				isFullscreen;
	qboolean				stereoEnabled;
	qboolean				smpActive;		// dual processor
} glconfig_t;

// FIXME: VM should be OS agnostic .. in theory

#ifdef Q3_VM

#define _3DFX_DRIVER_NAME	"Voodoo"
#define OPENGL_DRIVER_NAME	"Default"

#elif defined(_WIN32)

#if defined(Q3_VM) || defined(_WIN32)

#define _3DFX_DRIVER_NAME	"3dfxvgl"
#define OPENGL_DRIVER_NAME	"opengl32"


#define _3DFX_DRIVER_NAME	""

#endif	// !defined _WIN32

#endif	// __TR_TYPES_H