quake3 / code / game / be_ai_goal.h

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 * name:		be_ai_goal.h
 * desc:		goal AI
 * $Archive: /source/code/botlib/be_ai_goal.h $

#define MAX_AVOIDGOALS			256
#define MAX_GOALSTACK			8

#define GFL_NONE				0
#define GFL_ITEM				1
#define GFL_ROAM				2
#define GFL_DROPPED				4

//a bot goal
typedef struct bot_goal_s
	vec3_t origin;				//origin of the goal
	int areanum;				//area number of the goal
	vec3_t mins, maxs;			//mins and maxs of the goal
	int entitynum;				//number of the goal entity
	int number;					//goal number
	int flags;					//goal flags
	int iteminfo;				//item information
} bot_goal_t;

//reset the whole goal state, but keep the item weights
void BotResetGoalState(int goalstate);
//reset avoid goals
void BotResetAvoidGoals(int goalstate);
//remove the goal with the given number from the avoid goals
void BotRemoveFromAvoidGoals(int goalstate, int number);
//push a goal onto the goal stack
void BotPushGoal(int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal);
//pop a goal from the goal stack
void BotPopGoal(int goalstate);
//empty the bot's goal stack
void BotEmptyGoalStack(int goalstate);
//dump the avoid goals
void BotDumpAvoidGoals(int goalstate);
//dump the goal stack
void BotDumpGoalStack(int goalstate);
//get the name name of the goal with the given number
void BotGoalName(int number, char *name, int size);
//get the top goal from the stack
int BotGetTopGoal(int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal);
//get the second goal on the stack
int BotGetSecondGoal(int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal);
//choose the best long term goal item for the bot
int BotChooseLTGItem(int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags);
//choose the best nearby goal item for the bot
//the item may not be further away from the current bot position than maxtime
//also the travel time from the nearby goal towards the long term goal may not
//be larger than the travel time towards the long term goal from the current bot position
int BotChooseNBGItem(int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags,
							bot_goal_t *ltg, float maxtime);
//returns true if the bot touches the goal
int BotTouchingGoal(vec3_t origin, bot_goal_t *goal);
//returns true if the goal should be visible but isn't
int BotItemGoalInVisButNotVisible(int viewer, vec3_t eye, vec3_t viewangles, bot_goal_t *goal);
//search for a goal for the given classname, the index can be used
//as a start point for the search when multiple goals are available with that same classname
int BotGetLevelItemGoal(int index, char *classname, bot_goal_t *goal);
//get the next camp spot in the map
int BotGetNextCampSpotGoal(int num, bot_goal_t *goal);
//get the map location with the given name
int BotGetMapLocationGoal(char *name, bot_goal_t *goal);
//returns the avoid goal time
float BotAvoidGoalTime(int goalstate, int number);
//set the avoid goal time
void BotSetAvoidGoalTime(int goalstate, int number, float avoidtime);
//initializes the items in the level
void BotInitLevelItems(void);
//regularly update dynamic entity items (dropped weapons, flags etc.)
void BotUpdateEntityItems(void);
//interbreed the goal fuzzy logic
void BotInterbreedGoalFuzzyLogic(int parent1, int parent2, int child);
//save the goal fuzzy logic to disk
void BotSaveGoalFuzzyLogic(int goalstate, char *filename);
//mutate the goal fuzzy logic
void BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic(int goalstate, float range);
//loads item weights for the bot
int BotLoadItemWeights(int goalstate, char *filename);
//frees the item weights of the bot
void BotFreeItemWeights(int goalstate);
//returns the handle of a newly allocated goal state
int BotAllocGoalState(int client);
//free the given goal state
void BotFreeGoalState(int handle);
//setup the goal AI
int BotSetupGoalAI(void);
//shut down the goal AI
void BotShutdownGoalAI(void);