quake3 / code / jpeg-6 / jchuff.h

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 * jchuff.h
 * Copyright (C) 1991-1995, Thomas G. Lane.
 * This file is part of the Independent JPEG Group's software.
 * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
 * This file contains declarations for Huffman entropy encoding routines
 * that are shared between the sequential encoder (jchuff.c) and the
 * progressive encoder (jcphuff.c).  No other modules need to see these.

/* Derived data constructed for each Huffman table */

typedef struct {
  unsigned int ehufco[256];	/* code for each symbol */
  char ehufsi[256];		/* length of code for each symbol */
  /* If no code has been allocated for a symbol S, ehufsi[S] contains 0 */
} c_derived_tbl;

/* Short forms of external names for systems with brain-damaged linkers. */

#define jpeg_make_c_derived_tbl	jMkCDerived
#define jpeg_gen_optimal_table	jGenOptTbl

/* Expand a Huffman table definition into the derived format */
EXTERN void jpeg_make_c_derived_tbl JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
				JHUFF_TBL * htbl, c_derived_tbl ** pdtbl));

/* Generate an optimal table definition given the specified counts */
EXTERN void jpeg_gen_optimal_table JPP((j_compress_ptr cinfo,
					JHUFF_TBL * htbl, long freq[]));