quake3 / common / surfaceflags.h

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// This file must be identical in the quake and utils directories

// contents flags are seperate bits
// a given brush can contribute multiple content bits

// these definitions also need to be in q_shared.h!

#define	CONTENTS_SOLID			1		// an eye is never valid in a solid
#define	CONTENTS_LAVA			8
#define	CONTENTS_SLIME			16
#define	CONTENTS_WATER			32
#define	CONTENTS_FOG			64


#define	CONTENTS_PLAYERCLIP		0x10000
//bot specific contents types
#define	CONTENTS_TELEPORTER		0x40000
#define	CONTENTS_JUMPPAD		0x80000
#define CONTENTS_DONOTENTER		0x200000

#define	CONTENTS_ORIGIN			0x1000000	// removed before bsping an entity

#define	CONTENTS_BODY			0x2000000	// should never be on a brush, only in game
#define	CONTENTS_CORPSE			0x4000000
#define	CONTENTS_DETAIL			0x8000000	// brushes not used for the bsp
#define	CONTENTS_STRUCTURAL		0x10000000	// brushes used for the bsp
#define	CONTENTS_TRANSLUCENT	0x20000000	// don't consume surface fragments inside
#define	CONTENTS_TRIGGER		0x40000000
#define	CONTENTS_NODROP			0x80000000	// don't leave bodies or items (death fog, lava)

#define	SURF_NODAMAGE			0x1		// never give falling damage
#define	SURF_SLICK				0x2		// effects game physics
#define	SURF_SKY				0x4		// lighting from environment map
#define	SURF_LADDER				0x8
#define	SURF_NOIMPACT			0x10	// don't make missile explosions
#define	SURF_NOMARKS			0x20	// don't leave missile marks
#define	SURF_FLESH				0x40	// make flesh sounds and effects
#define	SURF_NODRAW				0x80	// don't generate a drawsurface at all
#define	SURF_HINT				0x100	// make a primary bsp splitter
#define	SURF_SKIP				0x200	// completely ignore, allowing non-closed brushes
#define	SURF_NOLIGHTMAP			0x400	// surface doesn't need a lightmap
#define	SURF_POINTLIGHT			0x800	// generate lighting info at vertexes
#define	SURF_METALSTEPS			0x1000	// clanking footsteps
#define	SURF_NOSTEPS			0x2000	// no footstep sounds
#define	SURF_NONSOLID			0x4000	// don't collide against curves with this set
#define SURF_LIGHTFILTER		0x8000	// act as a light filter during q3map -light
#define	SURF_ALPHASHADOW		0x10000	// do per-pixel light shadow casting in q3map
#define	SURF_NODLIGHT			0x20000	// never add dynamic lights