quake3 / lcc / x86 / linux / tst / limits.1bk

UCHAR_MAX:	000000ff=255
USHRT_MAX:	0000ffff=65535
UINT_MAX:	ffffffff=-1
ULONG_MAX:	ffffffff=-1
CHAR_MAX:	0000007f=127
SCHAR_MAX:	0000007f=127
SHRT_MAX:	00007fff=32767
INT_MAX:	7fffffff=2147483647
LONG_MAX:	7fffffff=2147483647
CHAR_MIN:	ffffff80=-128
SCHAR_MIN:	ffffff80=-128
SHRT_MIN:	ffff8000=-32768
INT_MIN:	80000000=-2147483648
LONG_MIN:	80000000=-2147483648
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