quake3 / q3map / vis.h

Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.

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// vis.h

#include "cmdlib.h"
#include "mathlib.h"
#include "bspfile.h"

#define	MAX_PORTALS	32768


#define	ON_EPSILON	0.1

//#define MREDEBUG

// seperator caching helps a bit

// can't have more seperators than the max number of points on a winding
#define MAX_SEPERATORS		64

typedef struct
	vec3_t		normal;
	float		dist;
} plane_t;


typedef struct
	int		numpoints;
	vec3_t	points[MAX_POINTS_ON_FIXED_WINDING];			// variable sized
} winding_t;

winding_t	*NewWinding (int points);
void		FreeWinding (winding_t *w);
winding_t	*CopyWinding (winding_t *w);

typedef struct passage_s
	struct passage_s	*next;
	byte				cansee[1];	//all portals that can be seen through this passage
} passage_t;

typedef enum {stat_none, stat_working, stat_done} vstatus_t;
typedef struct
	int			num;
	qboolean	hint;	// true if this portal was created from a hint splitter
	qboolean	removed;
	plane_t		plane;	// normal pointing into neighbor
	int			leaf;	// neighbor
	vec3_t		origin;	// for fast clip testing
	float		radius;

	winding_t	*winding;
	vstatus_t	status;
	byte		*portalfront;	// [portals], preliminary
	byte		*portalflood;	// [portals], intermediate
	byte		*portalvis;		// [portals], final

	int			nummightsee;	// bit count on portalflood for sort
	passage_t	*passages;		// there are just as many passages as there
								// are portals in the leaf this portal leads to
} vportal_t;

#define	MAX_PORTALS_ON_LEAF		128
typedef struct leaf_s
	int			numportals;
	int			merged;
	vportal_t	*portals[MAX_PORTALS_ON_LEAF];
} leaf_t;

typedef struct pstack_s
	byte		mightsee[MAX_PORTALS/8];		// bit string
	struct pstack_s	*next;
	leaf_t		*leaf;
	vportal_t	*portal;	// portal exiting
	winding_t	*source;
	winding_t	*pass;

	winding_t	windings[3];	// source, pass, temp in any order
	int			freewindings[3];

	plane_t		portalplane;
	int depth;
	plane_t seperators[2][MAX_SEPERATORS];
	int numseperators[2];
} pstack_t;

typedef struct
	vportal_t	*base;
	int			c_chains;
	pstack_t	pstack_head;
} threaddata_t;

extern	int			numportals;
extern	int			portalclusters;

extern	vportal_t	*portals;
extern	leaf_t		*leafs;

extern	int			c_portaltest, c_portalpass, c_portalcheck;
extern	int			c_portalskip, c_leafskip;
extern	int			c_vistest, c_mighttest;
extern	int			c_chains;

extern	byte	*vismap, *vismap_p, *vismap_end;	// past visfile

extern	int			testlevel;

extern	byte		*uncompressed;

extern	int		leafbytes, leaflongs;
extern	int		portalbytes, portallongs;

void LeafFlow (int leafnum);

void BasePortalVis(int portalnum);
void BetterPortalVis(int portalnum);
void PortalFlow(int portalnum);
void PassagePortalFlow(int portalnum);
void CreatePassages(int portalnum);
void PassageFlow(int portalnum);

extern	vportal_t	*sorted_portals[MAX_MAP_PORTALS*2];

int CountBits (byte *bits, int numbits);