quake3 / q3radiant / IShaders.cpp

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// $LogFile$
// $Revision: $
// $Author: ttimo $
// $Date: 2000/02/24 22:24:45 $
// $Log: IShaders.cpp,v $
// Revision  2000/02/24 22:24:45  ttimo
// RC2
// Revision  2000/02/11 03:52:30  ttimo
// working on the IShader interface
// implementation of the shaders / textures interface

#include "stdafx.h"

//++timo NOTE: this whole part is evolving on a seperate branch on SourceForge
// will eventually turn into a major rewrite of the shader / texture code

// this is a modified version of Texture_ForName
qtexture_t* WINAPI QERApp_TryTextureForName(const char* name)
	qtexture_t *q;
	char filename[1024];
	for (q=g_qeglobals.d_qtextures ; q ; q=q->next)
		if (!strcmp(name,  q->filename))
				return q;
	// try loading from file .. this is a copy of the worst part of Texture_ForName
	char cWork[1024];
	sprintf (filename, "%s/%s.tga", ValueForKey (g_qeglobals.d_project_entity, "texturepath"), name);
	QE_ConvertDOSToUnixName( cWork, filename );
	strcpy(filename, cWork);
	unsigned char* pPixels = NULL;
	int nWidth;
	int nHeight;
	LoadImage(filename, &pPixels, &nWidth, &nHeight);
	if (pPixels == NULL)
		// try jpg
		// blatant assumption of .tga should be fine since we sprintf'd it above
		int nLen = strlen(filename);
		filename[nLen-3] = 'j';
		filename[nLen-2] = 'p';
		filename[nLen-1] = 'g';
		LoadImage(filename, &pPixels, &nWidth, &nHeight);
	if (pPixels)
		q = Texture_LoadTGATexture(pPixels, nWidth, nHeight, NULL, 0, 0, 0);
		//++timo storing the filename .. will be removed by shader code cleanup
		// this is dirty, and we sure miss some places were we should fill the filename info
		strcpy( q->filename, name );
		SetNameShaderInfo(q, filename, name);
		Sys_Printf ("done.\n", name);
		return q;
	return NULL;