quake3 / q3radiant / Textures.h

Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Id Software, Inc.

This file is part of Quake III Arena source code.

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published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
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//--typedef struct texdef_s
//--	char	name[32];
//--	float	shift[2];
//--	float	rotate;
//--	float	scale[2];
//--	int		contents;
//--	int		flags;
//--	int		value;
//--} texdef_t;
//--typedef struct
//--	int			width, height;
//--	int			originy;
//--	texdef_t	texdef;
//--  int m_nTotalHeight;
//--} texturewin_t;
//--#define QER_TRANS     0x00000001
//--#define QER_NOCARVE   0x00000002
//--typedef struct qtexture_s
//--	struct	qtexture_s *next;
//--	char	name[64];		// includes partial directory and extension
//--  int		width,  height;
//--	int		contents;
//--	int		flags;
//--	int		value;
//--	int		texture_number;	// gl bind number
//--  char  shadername[1024]; // old shader stuff
//--  qboolean bFromShader;   // created from a shader
//--  float fTrans;           // amount of transparency
//--  int   nShaderFlags;     // qer_ shader flags
//--	vec3_t	color;			    // for flat shade mode
//--	qboolean	inuse;		    // true = is present on the level
//--} qtexture_t;

// a texturename of the form (0 0 0) will
// create a solid color texture

void	Texture_Init (bool bHardInit = true);
void	Texture_FlushUnused ();
void	Texture_Flush (bool bReload = false);
void	Texture_ClearInuse (void);
void	Texture_ShowInuse (void);
void	Texture_ShowDirectory (int menunum, bool bLinked = false);
void	Texture_ShowAll();
void Texture_Cleanup(CStringList *pList = NULL);

// TTimo: added bNoAlpha flag to ignore alpha channel when parsing a .TGA file, transparency is usually achieved through qer_trans keyword in shaders
// in some cases loading an empty alpha channel causes display bugs (brushes not seen)
qtexture_t *Texture_ForName (const char *name, bool bReplace = false, bool bShader = false, bool bNoAlpha = false, bool bReload = false, bool makeShader = true);

void	Texture_Init (void);
// Timo
// added an optional IPluginTexdef when one is available
// we need a forward declaration, this is crap
class IPluginTexdef;
void	Texture_SetTexture (texdef_t *texdef, brushprimit_texdef_t *brushprimit_texdef, bool bFitScale = false, IPluginTexdef *pTexdef = NULL, bool bSetSelection = true);

void	Texture_SetMode(int iMenu);	// GL_TEXTURE_NEAREST, etc..
void Texture_ResetPosition();

void FreeShaders();
void LoadShaders();
void ReloadShaders();
int  WINAPI Texture_LoadSkin(char *pName, int *pnWidth, int *pnHeight);
void Texture_LoadFromPlugIn(LPVOID vp);
void Texture_StartPos (void);
qtexture_t *Texture_NextPos (int *x, int *y);