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This policy is valid for all signatures made by the following GnuPG keys:
Thejesh GN <i@thejeshgn.com>
Fingerprint: C7D4 1911 9893 ADAF 27B0 FCAA BFFC 8DD3 C06D D6B0

I live in Bangalore, India. and I am open to sign keys at any time. The easiest way 
for verifying keys would be to meet me here in Bangalore. Another opportunity to get 
in personal contact would be to address me at certain computer related confs (FOSS.in, DroidCon etc). I am also listed at biglumber.com, a webpage about key signing coordination.

Prerequisites for signing:
The signee (the key owner who wishes to obtain a signature to his/her key from me, the signer) must make his/her OpenPGP key available on a publicly accessible keyserver (like http://keyserver.ubuntu.com).

The signee must prove his/her identity to me by way of a valid identity card or a valid driving licence. These documents must feature a photographic picture of the signee. No other kind of documents will be accepted. This also implies that the signee's key must feature his/her real name in order to be checked up on his/her identity card. 

The signee should have prepared a strip of paper with a printout of the output

  gpg --fingerprint 0x12345678

(or an equivalent command if the signee does not use GnuPG) where 0x12345678 is the key ID of the key which is to be signed.

The act of signing:
After having received (or exchanged) the proof detailed in the above I will sign the signee's piece of paper myself to avoid fraud.

At home I will sign the UIDs which I was asked to sign. Each signature will then be mailed separately to the corresponding mail address of the single UIDs.

The following paragraphs describe the procedure, preconditions and possible results of me signing data or keys.

Key Signing

Level 3
This level will only be given to people I know long enough to be absolutely sure of their identity. Mostly friends, family and long term co-workers will receive this level of signature.

Level 2
I have met the signee, I have verified his/her identity card and fingerprint and I was able to send my signatures encrypted with the corresponding key of the signee. 

Level 1
A level of 1 will never be used by me for it weakens the web of trust in my opinion. I have never signed keys without appropriate verification and I will never do so in the future.

Level 0
A level of 0 is given to keys of Certification Authorities since in most cases the key owner is a whole organization and not a single person. Usually the fingerprints of those keys have to be verified by getting them from the corresponding website of the CA and cannot be checked by exchange with a member of the CA who is in charge. These signatures are the weakest in my web of trust.