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How to use this wiki?


This wiki is maintained in version control for tracking and maintenance. This is based on the project called markdoc .

You can install marcdoc by running pip install Markdoc. The actual content of this wiki is stored as markdown files in content folder. You need to build the wiki before viewing. Go to the docs repo folder and markdoc build which should generate html. Now you can browse the contents in your html folder using browser. If you want to share the docs with team. Run markdoc serve.


Every page in your wiki will likely link to several other pages. Markdoc does not require any special syntax for internal links; the usual Markdown format will work. An example of a link from this very page follows:

For a comprehensive guide to the Markdown syntax, consult the [markup reference documentation](/ref/markup). As you can see, the link href is an absolute path to the document, without any extension. Markdoc will process this and convert it into a relative path when rendering the corresponding HTML. This means that you can host Markdoc wikis under sub-directories on a web server, and the links will still work properly.

If you split your wiki up into sub-directories (for example, in this wiki, there is an internals/ directory), the pattern remains the same. A link to the internals/rendering document looks like this:

A link to the [internals/rendering](/internals/rendering) document.

Note that links will only be made relative if they begin with a / character; for example, a link to will be left untouched.

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