wiki / markdoc.yaml

# Metadata
wiki-name: "MarkWiki"
wiki-footer-logo: "/media/img/thejeshgn-name.png"
wiki-footer-logo-url: ""
google-analytics: "UA-XXXXXX-X"

# Directories
hide-prefix: "."
wiki-dir: "content"
static-dir: "static"
html-dir: "html"
template-dir: "templates"
temp-dir: ".tmp"

# Building
document-extensions: [.md, .mdown, .markdown, .wiki, .text]
generate-listing: sometimes
listing-filename: "_list.html"
use-default-static: false
use-default-templates: true

# Rendering
    - codehilite
    - def_list
    - headerid
    - toc

# Serving
  bind: ''
  port: 8010
  num-threads: 10
  name: 'localhost'
  request-queue-size: 5
  timeout: 10
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