dgu - extension

Setup for loaders only

It is simpler to set-up to run the loaders, because they don't require CKAN to be installed:

virtualenv pyenv
pip -E pyenv install -e hg+
pip -E pyenv install -e hg+
pip -E pyenv install -e hg+

(note, for the time being, the ckanclient must be installed before dgu to ensure you get the latest source, not the old release.)

Now you can activate the environment and run the scripts::
. pyenv/bin/activate ons_loader --help

Setup with CKAN

The DGU forms work with a CKAN install. In this case, you can install dgu into the ckan virtual environment directly:

(for the time being you must delete from the ckan environment the existing

ckanclient and put in the latest)

pip -E ckan/pyenv install -e hg+

Now in CKAN you can specify the dgu forms in the config.


To test the DGU extension you need the setup with CKAN (see above).

To run the tests:

cd dgu
nosetests ckanext/dgu/tests/