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RTL2832 / 2836 / 2840 drivers

To build, install and load the driver for the DigitalNow Quad TV tuner card,
run the script using sudo:

	sudo ./build

In summary, the script carries out the following:

	- clones the linuxtv media_build git repository
	- untars the current version of the linuxtv source
	- adds the Quad drivers to the source
	- adds the rtl2832 module to the build system
	- builds the modules
	- modprobes the newly-created dvb-usb-rtl2832u module

If all goes well, once the script has finished the devices will have been
created and you should be good to go with your quad tuner card.

To verify it worked, check that the following devices exist:


Of course, if you already have other dvb cards up and running in your
system then the above adapterX numbers will be different.

For other stuff the build script can do, issue the following command:

	./build --help

NOTE : this is currently pretty rudimentary so if it doesn't work for you,
       please post back to the following thread with your feedback:

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