generic-bash-scripts / tunnelmaker

## NAME: TunnelMaker
## PURPOSE: Creates multi-hop SSH tunnels for forwarding data+connections
## AUTHOR: Matt Reid
## DATE: 2012-05-30
## VERSION: 1.0.2-jf
##sample: echo "ssh -v -L $localport:localhost:$remotehost1port $remotehost1 ssh -v -L $remotehost1port:localhost:$remotehost2port -N $remotehost2 ... repeat"

echo "------------------->"
echo "-->Tunnel-->Maker-->"
echo "-->version: 1.0.2-jf"
echo "-->"
echo "------------------->" 

## Get sequence value
echo -n "How many hops are we making [#remote servers]: "
read hops

## Check user, set initial port, root user can set N<1024 port value
notice=' [>1024]' 
if [ "$user" = "root" ]; then notice=''; fi 

## Initialize some vars
c=1                 #session value counter
n=''                #session value for notice
final=''            #end result string for tunnel command
localport='2222'    #localhost port default
destport='22'     #destination port default
let hops=hops+1     #increment hops for iteration in loop

## Build connection strings
while [  $c -lt $hops ]; do
    echo ""    
    echo -n "Host[or IP] for hop#[$c]: "; read host
    echo -n "Localhost port for $host$notice: "; read localport    
    echo -n "Destination port for $host$notice: "; read destport    

    if [ "$localport" = '' ]; then echo "no port selected. exiting." exit 1; fi
    if [ "$destport" = '' ]; then echo "no port selected. exiting." exit 1; fi
    if [ $c -gt 1 ]; then n="-N "; fi #added to suppress remote login

    string="ssh -v -L $localport:localhost:$destport $n$host "
    final="$final $string"
    let c=c+1


echo ""
echo "You can initiate your tunnels via command: \"$final\""
echo "Shall I start the tunnel now? [y,N]: "; read choice
if [ "$choice" = "Y" ] || [ "$choice" = "y" ]; then `$final`; else exit 0; fi
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