1. Tom Aratyn
  2. Bitbucket Release Notes Generator



Bitbucket Issue Release Note Converter

Converting closed issues release notes is a pain. This script uses the Bitbucket API to generate a markdown file of all the closed issues for a given milestone.

It prints to standard out so you can just redirect to a file and then add more info in your favourite editor.


release-note-genetor.py takes three default arguments: bitbucket username, repository slug, and milestone.

python release-note-generator.py -h will show help.

Basic Usage is as follows:

$ python release-note-generator.py themystic bitbucket-release-notes-generator 0.0.1
- [1](https://bitbucket.org/themystic/bitbucket-release-notes-generator/issue/1) issue title displays here 
- [2](https://bitbucket.org/themystic/bitbucket-release-notes-generator/issue/2) issue title displays here 
- [3](https://bitbucket.org/themystic/bitbucket-release-notes-generator/issue/3) issue title displays here


This script is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.