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 dev (TBA)
+Major changes:
 - All tasks are now new-style fabric tasks;
 - postgres (+ postgis) support;
 - db backends and vcs backends are now fully reusable and extendable
   webserver.nginx, mysql become db.mysql);
 - task prefixes are removed in favor of namespaces (so e.g. ``apache_restart``
   becomes ``apache.restart``);
-- ``DB_USER`` default value is removed;
+Other changes:
+- ``DB_USER`` default value is removed as per deprecation plan
+  (it will be changed to non-root default in the next release);
 - migrate command no longer converts backup errors to warnings;
 - example hgrc config is removed from config_templates;
+- ``crontab.add_management`` task;
+- better staticfiles example in default nginx config template;
+- ``ssh_add_root_key`` command;
+- ``install_sudo`` no longer fails if ``aptitude update`` was not called;
+- support for MS Windows on development machine is improved;
+- ``execute_sql`` selects current database by default for non-superuser queries.
 This release has command-line interface that is different from 0.7.x branch
 because of moved modules and switch to new-style fabric tasks. It is also