theoden committed fbacb26

Fix for win platform due to bug when
VBoxManage unable to execute 'snapshot {{VM_name}} showvminfo {{snapshot_name}}'
command while previous VM lauch is still shutdowning. Intersection of tearDown
and setUp steps of the VirtualBoxTest class led to such a behaviour.

Bug was met with Windows 7 32-bit, Python 2.7.2, VBox 4.1.12

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File fabtest/

 import unittest
+import time
+import platform
 from fabric.api import env
 from fabric import state
   'delete', name)
     def activate_snapshot(self, name):
+        if platform.system()=='Windows':
+            RETRIES_CNT = 5
+            for i in xrange(RETRIES_CNT):
+                if
+           	        break
+                else:
+                    time.sleep(1)
         assert, 'Snapshot "%s" does not exist' % name'restore', name)