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Installation and Usage of AREF


To use the framework three possibilities exist:

  1. Use the included Eclipse installation from the "eclipse/" folder (Windows only).
  2. Load the projects from "src/" into an existing Eclipse installation and create a new Eclipse Application with the plugins activated (tested with 3.7).
  3. Copy the binaries from "bin/" to the plugins folder of an existing Eclipse installation (tested with 3.7).


  1. Start an Eclipse instance with the plugins installed.
  2. Import the project out of the "samples/SmartHome-CaseStudy" folder.
  3. Open the smartHome.jucm file.
  4. Double clicking on the Labels of Element Links will open the ContextCondition Editor.
  5. Start Reasoning: Right Click on the smartHome.jucm file in the Package Explorer and select Aref -> Reason You will be asked to enter an ontology instance. There are two versions included in the "samples/" folder. Use the file-prefix e.g.: “file:F:\sample\smartHome.owl”
  6. A file called smartHome_adapted.jucm will be created, which contains the adapted Requirements Model.
  7. Parameterizations are shown in the Metadata in the properties view or through hovering over the Intentional Elements (e.g. “Warm up Room [room]”).