renpedit is a flowchart-based organizer for visual novel development using the Ren'py engine. It organizes the flow of the game and makes it more convenient to locate and edit the code for specific points in the game.

This program is in the beta phase.

Here are some screenshots of an example structure.

How do I get set up?

OS X or Windows

For easy OS X or Windows install, you can download an install package.

For OS X, copy the app contained in the zip file to your Applications folder. You launch it by double-clicking on the app.

For Windows, copy the folder contained in the zip file to your Program Files folder. You can launch it by running renpedit-app.exe.

linux or source

For linux, or for the latest versions of the code, you'll first need to install Python 2.7 and wxPython 2.8.

Pull this project either via a Mercurial client (archive url) or download the latest default head. Launch the file "" using Python.

How to use

When you launch it, it will ask you to select a folder. Do not use the folder for an existing project. Save into a new folder or new game folder until you know how this behaves.

Documentation is currently scarce, and not everything works yet. Drag flowchart elements onto the canvas, right-drag arrows between them. Right-click elements to edit their various properties, double-clicking will edit the contents of codeblocks and the properties of everything else.

Contribution guidelines

Contributions are welcome, email below.

Who do I talk to?

John Hoffman.


If the option to send debug info to the server is selected, this could possibly expose some (minor) information from your project.