Issue #1 resolved
Yann Schmidt
created an issue

Some of the icons are not the right one when their titles are used.

example : "fugue-wrench-screwdriver" currently shows the "fugue-alarm-clock--minus"

I'm sure other icons are affected by this. Do you get the same problem ?!

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  1. Yann Schmidt reporter

    I remake it with the file and still the same problem... I will try for the cache but i'm sure i used CTRL+F5 to reload. I'll try to delete directly the cache from the browser and keep you informed !

  2. Tom Rochette


    The issue has to do with 3.5.6 not containing all the images past wrap-between. The generator script also has a bug when calculating the correct image height.

    It seems to be fixed in the version here on bitbucket, but the version @ still contains the old code which didn't use math.ceil, thus is missing the last row.

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