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Radomir Dopieralski
repo owner created an issue

Edit page prologue for hints and boiler plate would be useful.

It might be implemented similar to 'Menu'. If the 'edit_prologue' configuration variable was set to 'EditPrologue', then the contents of that page would be rendered just before the edit form.

EditPrologue might contain:

  • links to markup documentation or other editing hints.
    See [[MarkupNotes]], [[StyleGuide]], etc.
  • legal boiler plate for authors.
    By editing this page, you are implicitly agreeing to this [[wiki/Policy]] and these [[wiki/TermsOfService]]

I've hardwired some boiler plate into my engine, but it really should be configurable.

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  1. Radomir Dopieralski reporter

    sheep on 2010-01-29 15:08:57 said:

    An alternate approach I was considering is to display it in place of preview when no preview is being displayed. This is a nice idea, I need to think of the best way to do that, thanks.

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