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Push to release 0.07

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 The latest source release is:
-* `pygame-ctypes-0.06 <pygame-ctypes-0.06.tar.gz>`_, includes the
+* `pygame-ctypes-0.07 <pygame-ctypes-0.07.tar.gz>`_, includes the
   latest snapshot of SDL-ctypes.
 In the future SDL-ctypes may also be released separately from Pygame.


 :address: \\\\
-:revision: 0.06
+:revision: 0.07
 :date:  August 2006
 :copyright: Copyright (c) 2006 Alex Holkner.
-    version='0.06',
+    version='0.07',
     description='Python game and multimedia package',
     author='Alex Holkner',
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