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Lenard Lindstrom  committed c14a9ce

Fix freetype6/libtool problem with resource object file

The freetype6 libtool rejects object files in its argument list.
Bypass this by passing the object file directly to the linker.
Also clean up a bug in the msvcr90.dll linkage preparation shell script.

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         return '-L' + p
     return ''
+def as_linker_option(p):
+    """Return as an ld library path argument"""
+    if p:
+        return '-Wl,' + p
+    return ''
 def as_preprocessor_header_path(p):
     """Return as a C preprocessor header include path argument"""
     subsystem = ''
     if not options.subsystem_noforce:
         subsystem = '-mwindows'
+    # Need to make the resources object file an explicit linker option to
+    # bypass libtool (freetype).
     environ['LDFLAGS'] = merge_strings(environ.get('LDFLAGS', ''),
-                                       resources_mp,
+                                       as_linker_option(resources_mp),
                                        sep=' ')
   ranlib libmsvcr90d.dll.a
   cp -f libmsvcr90d.dll.a "$BDMSVCR90"
   mv -f libmsvcr90d.dll.a "$BDMSVCR90/libmsvcrtd.dll.a"
-  mv -f manifest.o "$BDMSVCR90"
   # These definitions are taken from mingw-runtime-3.12 .
   # The file was generated with the following command: