The Bulk Image Resizer program

As the name suggests, this is a tool to bulk resize a lot of images at the click of a button. So why did i build this? well there are heaps of other alternatives out there and a lot of them do a whole lot more than just resizing. So my objective was simple, build a tool that is platform independant, does not rely on an active internet connection and is very easy to use. Also i wanted to reduce the time my girlfriend would spend waiting for her full-size images to be uploaded to Facebook.

So what does this do?
The program works in a few simple steps
1) specify the directory where the images are stored
2) the program then goes through each and every file in the directory and its subdirectories and resizes the images. The files in the directory that the program cannot convert, will be errored out and their names will be displayed in the last tab.
3) by default the destination directory would be a directory called new, in the source directory where the output images will be stored.
4) Specify the type of reduction i.e. reduce by percentage or pixels
5) Specify the extension. At the moment only JPG is supported
6) Hit run and watch the names of the files converted appear in the tab.

1) Java 6 
2) Java swing
3) Netbeans for GUI editing