Ian Lewis committed 0265860

Made the streaming write buffer size into a setting

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 SECURE_URLS = getattr(settings, 'AWS_S3_SECURE_URLS', True)
 FILE_NAME_CHARSET = getattr(settings, 'AWS_S3_FILE_NAME_CHARSET', 'utf-8')
 FILE_OVERWRITE = getattr(settings, 'AWS_S3_FILE_OVERWRITE', True)
+FILE_WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE = getattr(settings, 'AWS_S3_FILE_WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE', 5242880)
 IS_GZIPPED = getattr(settings, 'AWS_IS_GZIPPED', False)
 PRELOAD_METADATA = getattr(settings, 'AWS_PRELOAD_METADATA', False)
 class S3BotoStorageFile(File):
-    def __init__(self, name, mode, storage):
+    def __init__(self, name, mode, storage, buffer_size=FILE_WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE):
         self._storage = storage = name[len(self._storage.location):].lstrip('/')
         self._mode = mode
         # Amazon allows up to 10,000 parts.  The default supports uploads
         # up to roughly 50 GB.  Increase the part size to accommodate 
         # for files larger than this.
-        self._write_buffer_size = 5242880
+        self._write_buffer_size = buffer_size
         self._write_counter = 0
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