Jannis Leidel committed 591ba7a

Enabled Gzipping for the tests and added Django 1.4 tox environment.

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     global_settings.DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'backends.s3boto.S3BotoStorage'
+    global_settings.AWS_IS_GZIPPED = True
+    global_settings.SECRET_KEY = "tralala"
     from django.test.utils import get_runner
     test_runner = get_runner(global_settings)
 # content of: tox.ini , put in same dir as
-envlist = django11,django12,django13
+envlist = django11,django12,django13,django14
 commands=python test
+    mock==0.8.0
+    django==1.4
+    boto==2.2.2
+commands=python test
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