IceHrm =========== We have moved the repo ---------------------- IceHrm is now moved to IceHrm is a [HRM software]( which enable companies of all sizes to [manage HR activities]( properly. Note: IceHrm is now fully compatible with PHP 7 Useful Links ------------- * IceHrm Opensource Blog: []( * IceHrm Cloud Hosting: []( * IceHrm Documentation (Opensource and Commercial): []( * IceHrm Blog: []( * Purchase IceHrm Pro: []( * Report Issues: []( * Feature Requests: []( * Community Support: []( Installation ------------ * Download the latest release * Copy the downloaded file to the path you want to install iCE Hrm in your server and extract. * Create a mysql DB for and user. Grant all on iCE Hrm DB to new DB user. * Visit iCE Hrm installation path in your browser. * During the installation form, fill in details appropriately. * Once the application is installed use the username = admin and password = admin to login to your system. Note: Please rename or delete the install folder (<ice hrm root>/app/install) since it could pose a security threat to your iCE Hrm instance. Upgrade from Previous Versions to Latest Version ------------------------------------------------ Refer: []( Following is a list of features supported in each edition of icehrm ------------------------------------------------------------------- ### IceHrm Open Source Edition ![Employee Module]( #### Employee Management - Basic [Employee Management]( - Store, manage and retrieve employee information when required - Update all employee information without having to switch employees. - Search employee skills, qualifications and other information<br/>easily across whole company. - Terminate employees while keeping data in system. - Re-enable temporarily terminated employees with one click. - Employee archive feature to archive data of terminated employee #### Other Features * [Company Information Management]( - Store and manage details about how companies, departments and branches of the organisation are connected * Time sheets - IceHrm is a [timesheet app]( / [Open source timesheet management]( application to track time spent by employees on various projects * [Attendance Management]( - IceHrm can be used as a [attendance management system]( effectively for any size a company. * [LDAP Login]( - Users can share login with company LDAP server * [Travel Management]( - Module for managing travel requests ### IceHrm Pro Edition | []( IceHrm Profession version (in short IceHrmPro) is the feature rich commercial alternative for icehrm open source version. IceHrm Pro supports following features #### Leave Management IceHrm [Leave management system]( is only available in IceHrm Pro or Enterprise versions. IceHrm leave module is a complete [leave management system]( for any type of a company To learn more about leave management in icehrm refer: - [Leave Admin Guide]( - [Configuring Leave Module]( - [Leave Rules]( #### Audit Trial Sometimes you need to access audit trail for your HRM system. Audit module records all the write actions (which alters your HRM system) of your employees in a quickly accessible and understandable manor. This help you to identify potential issues with the way employees are using the system. #### Expense Tracking [Track Employee Expenses]( with expense management module. You can learn more about [IceHrm Pro here]( To purchase IceHrmPro please visit []( #### Training Management Icehrm [training management system]( is for Module for managing courses, training sessions and employee attendance to training sessions. ### IceHrm Enterprise Edition In addition to pro version features IceHrm enterprise cloud edition includes following features #### [Employee History Management]( #### [Payroll]( IceHrm Enterprise has a full featured payroll module including [PDF salary slip generation]( #### Candidate / Recruitment Management Recruitment module can be used as a [applicant tracking system]( or a [recruiting software]( IceHrm recruitment management system offers following features ![Recruitment Job Position Sharing]( - Post jobs - Let candidates apply for these jobs - Schedule interviews - Track candidate progress with notes - Share job links with linkedIn, facebook, twitter and google+ directly from icehrm ![Candidate Details]( More about [recruitment module]( Release note v19.0 ------------------ ### Features * Payroll Module * Development environment * Overtime module * Department heads who can manage all employees attached to a company structure Release note v18.0 ------------------ ### Features * Translations (beta) for German, French, Polish, Italian, Sinhala, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Spanish * PDF Reports * Ability to specify department heads * Add advanced custom fields to employees via UI * Allow indirect admins to approve travel requests * Adding more languages to Language meta data table * Improvements to report module * Ability to select sections for placing custom fields on employee detail view screen * Introducing clone button * Unlimited custom fields for employees * PDF report for monitoring time employee spent on projects * Report files module - Allow downloading all previously generated reports ### Fixes * Fix: subordinates are not showing beyond first page issue. Release note v16.1 ------------------ ### Fixes * Fix LDAP user login issue * Allow creating users with username having dot and dash Release note v16.0 ------------------ ### Features * Advanced Employee Management Module is now included in IceHrm Open Source Edition * LDAP Module which was only available in IceHrm Enterprise is now included in open source also * Initial implementation of icehrm REST Api for reading employee details * Improvements to data filtering * Multiple tabs for settings module * Overtime reports - now its possible to calculate overtime for employees.compatible with US overtime rules * Logout the user if tried accessing an unauthorized module * Setting for updating module names ### Fixes * Fix issue: classes should be loaded even the module is disabled * Deleting the only Admin user is not allowed * Fixes for handling non UTF-8 * Fix for non-mandatory select boxes are shown as mandatory Release note v15.2 ------------------ ### Features * Overtime Reports * Overtime calculation for california ### Fixes * Fix issue: uncaught error when placeholder value is empty * Log email sending success status * Fix broken longer company name issue * Make the application accessible when client on an intranet with no internet connection * Fix issue: when a module is disabled other modules depend on it stops working Release note v15.0 ------------------ ### Features * Clear HTML5 local storage when logging in and switching users * Showing a loading message while getting data from server * Adding a new field to show total time of each time sheet * New report added for listing Employee Time Sheets * Company logo uploaded via settings will be used for all email headers ### Fixes * Fix issue: default module URL is incorrect for Employees * Fix date parsing issue in time sheets * AWS phar is included only when required Release note v14.1 ------------------ ### Features * Add Quick access menu ### Fixes * Fix issue: salary module not loading * Add travel report Release note v14.0 ------------------ ### Features * IceHrm is now fully compatible with PHP 7 * Improvements to travel management module to change the process of applying for travel requests * New report add for getting travel requests * Improvements to user interface * Bunch of UI improvements including changing menu order and font sizes * Add a setting to use server time for time zone defined on department that a user is attached to create new attendance records * Improvements to admin/manager and user dashboard * Managers allowed to view/add/edit employee documents * New reports added for employee expenses and travel ### Fixes * Fix unavailable help links Release note v13.4 ----------------- ### Features ### Fixes * Fix employee leave report leave type field Release note v13.0 ----------------- ### Features * Recruitment module * Allow managers to edit attendance of direct report employees ### Fixes * Employee switching issue fixed * Fix terminated employee labels * Fix issue with punch-in Release note v12.6 ----------------- ### Features * Charts module * Code level security improvements ### Fixes * Employee switching issue fixed Release note v11.1 ----------------- ### Features * Add/Edit or remove employee fields Release note v11.0 ----------------- ### Features * Employee data archiving * Leave cancellation requests * Adding view employee feature ### Fixes * Improvements to date time pickers Release note v10.1 ----------------- ### Features * Integration with ice-framework ( * Option for only allow users to add an entry to a timesheet only if they have marked atteandance for the selected period * Restricting availability of leave types to employees using leave groups * Admins and add notes to employees Release note v9.1 ----------------- ### Fixes * Add missing S3FileSystem class * Fix issue: passing result of a method call directly into empty method is not supported in php v5.3 Release note v9.0 ----------------- ### Features * New user interface * Decimal leave counts supported Update icehrm v8.4 to v9.0 -------------------------- * Make a backup of your icehrm db * Run db script "icehrmdb_update_v8.4_to_v9.0.sql" which can be found inside script folder of icehrm_v9.0 * remove all folders except app folder in icehrm root folder * copy all folders except app folder from new installation to icehrm root folder Release note v8.4 ----------------- ### Fixes * Fix leave carry forward rounding issues * Fix issue: select2 default value not getting set for select2 * Fix issue: email not sent when admin changing leave status Release note v8.3 ----------------- ### Fixes * Fix user table issue on windows, this will resolve errors such as: (Note that this fix has no effect on unix based installations) * Admin not able to view user uploaded documents * Admin not able to upload documants for users * Admin can not view employee attendance records * Employee projects can not be added Release note v8.2 ----------------- ### Features * Instance verification added Release note v8.1 ----------------- ### Fixes * Fixed bug that caused a fatal error in php v5.4 * aws2.7.11 phar file replaced by a aws2.7.11 extracted files * old aws sdk removed Release note v8.0 ----------------- ### Features * Admin dashbord module * If the employee joined in current leave period, his leave entitlement is calculated proportional to joined date * Improvements to reporting module * Adding new employee time tracking report * Join date for employees made mandatory * Sending welcome email when a user is added * Let users directly reply to admin user from any email sent out from icehrm * All the users who are not admins must have an employee object attached * Upgrade aws sdk to v2.7.11 * Allow employees to change password * Use only the email address defined under user for sending mails * Making work_email and private_email fields optional ### Fixes * Upload dialog close button issue fixed Release note v7.2 ----------------- ### Fixes * Some critical vulnerabilities are fixed as recommend by Release note v7.1 ----------------- ### Features * Improved company structure graph * Leave notes implementation � Supervisor can add a note when approving or rejecting leaves * Filtering support * Select boxes with long lists are now searchable * Add/Edit/Delete company structure permissions added for managers * Add ability to disable employee information editing ### Fixes * Make loans editable only by admin * Fix: permissions not getting applied to employee documents * Fix error adding employee documents when no user assigned to the admin ### Code Quality * Moving all module related code and data into module folders Release note v6.1 ----------------- Leave carry forwared related isue fixed Release note v6.0 ----------------- * Features * Notifications for leaves and timesheets * Leave module accrue and leave carry forward * Employee leave entitlement sub module * Ability to put system on debug mode * Allow admins to see documents of all the employees at one place * Backup data when deleting an employee * Employee attendance report added * Changes to time entry form in timesheet module to make time entry process faster * Admin can make all projects available to employees or just the set of prjects assigned to them using Setting "Projects: Make All Projects Available to Employees" * Employee document, date added field can not be changed by the employee anymore * About dialog added for admins * Fixes * Fix default employee delete issue (when the default employee is deleted the admin user attached to it also get deleted) * Fix user duplicate email issue * Fix manager can not logout from switched employee * Remove admin guide from non admin users Release note v5.3 ----------------- * Fixes * Fix missing employee name in employee details report Release note v5.2 ----------------- * Fixes * Remove unwanted error logs * Fix attendance module employee permission issue * Resolve warnings * Remove add new button from subordinates module * Adding administrators' guide Release note v5.1 ----------------- * Fixes * Fixing for non updating null fields * Release note v5.0 ----------------- * Features * New user permission implementation * Adding new user level - Manager * Fixes * Fixing remote table loading issue Release note v4.2 ----------------- ### Fixes * * Release note v4.1 ----------------- ### Features * Better email format for notifications * Convert upload dialog to a bootstrp model * Fixes * Fix error sending emails with amazon SES * Fix errors related to XAMPP and WAMPP servers * Fix php warnings and notifications * Fix company structure graph issues * Allow icehrm client to work without an internet connection * Fix installer incorrect base url issue * Fix empty user creation issue