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Loans should work the same as Leave (Permissions wise), and options do not make sense

Imrani Suppo
created an issue

Loans should work exactly the same as leaves - An employee should not be able to change, edit, delete a loan or loan information etc, they should only be able to apply for a loan, then the supervisor is notified and can either approve or reject the loan as well as being able to offer a comment on the reason for the new status.

In addition, the (required) options "Loan Period" and "Monthly Installment" make no sense for a user to input, this should be automatically calculated from the previously supplied information, the required loan amount, Start date & End date.

The order could be reshuffled as well to flow more logically. So the options presented to an employee level user would be: 1) "How much do you want to borrow?" [Loan amount] 2) "When do you want to start repaying?" [Start date] 3) "When do you want repayments to have finished?" [End date] 4) Details [additional Info]

Then IceHRM would confirm the options with the employee, adding these automatically calculated fields below: Loan Period = [End Date - Start date] Monthly Payments = [Loan amount / Loan Period]

The employee could the submit the request to a supervisor if happy (which is then handled just like a leave request), or cancel, which would return them back to the form.

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