PHP Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated

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Login page no response when click on sign in button. This is happening after fresh installation, but if I changed the BASE_URL to local internal IP address the hrm can login and working fine. Below is the log file massage

[27-Jun-2015 16:46:07 ] PHP Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /Volumes/Work/WebAPP/xxxxx/adodb512/drivers/ on line 365

Please help, thanks

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  1. James Lovegrove

    Although the error log you suggested may not be at fault, this sounds like a server configuration issue to me.

    I assume you are putting a hostname in the BASE_URL. If that's the case, can the hostname call back to itself? - i.e. = (or local IP) in host addresses.

  2. Xianyi Chen

    Thank you for your reply. 03D775D0-852B-4218-AE0A-6661D33D8B84.jpg Attached config file for your reference. I'm using DDNS, so when the domain being requested, it will point to my local IP which is with port No. xxxx. If I change the BASE_URL to my local IP:, it works fine when I access it internally. However, The DDNS for other websites is working fine in my server. Please advise, thanks for the help.

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