Help button options are not relevant to non-admin users

Issue #80 resolved
Imrani Suppo
created an issue

When logged in as a user with 'employee' or 'manager' level permissions, the help button is displayed in the top right, with the same options as for an admin.

IE. "Download administration guide" and "support / bug reporting".

The admin guide is not relevant to anyone of less than administrator status, and IMHO the support / bug reporting option should not be there either for non-admin users.

A normal workflow if a manager or employee found a bug with the company HR software would be to report it to their company IT / admin, and then their admin can report it to IceHRM.

Currently I would recommend to remove the help button for anyone who isn't an admin user. Any help process for non-admin users is highly likely to be an internal company process involving their IT department.

Perhaps in the future a 'user-guide' (as opposed to an admin guide which covers such things as installing the system) could be in the help menu for non-admin users in order to help them navigate the system or use features.

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