• To compile sass scss to css run "npm run scss" from within the public folder.


Moved project from silverhawk mac xampp server to vmthyme virtualbox server. Changed local domain from www.barz.xamp to www.barz.vmthyme. This meant the youtube api key would no longer work locally. Unfortunately it did not report any error message about this in the browser console. Had to add the new local domain to the api key at under my thinsoldier@gmail account.


To compile sass scss to css run npm run scss from within the folder.
(this works in my OSX - the host OS. It will not work if running within VirtualBox while editing files in OSX)


To compile css run: sass --watch style.scss:style.css from within the css folder.


2013-07-15 working on using JS/Jquery and youtube api to pull his playlist and video thumbnails for a redesign of the video page.

// $.get('').done(function(data){ console.log(data); test = $(data).find('entry id').first().text(); console.log(test); });

// // get the playlist // look at each <entry> in the playlist // look for the link[rel=alternate] in that // get the .text().attr('href') and put it into an anchor element // to make it easier to extract the ?v= parameter // Use the ?v value in the thumbnail url[UQh50BAstWo]/0.jpg // 0, 1, 2, 3, default, mqdefault, hqdefault, maxresdefault

$.get('').done(function(data){ console.log(data); videoid = $(data).find('entry id').first().text(); $.get(videoid).done(function(data){ test = $(data).find('link[rel=alternate]').attr('href'); console.log(test); }) });

2013-06-12 Moved the contents of the root of the site on dreamhost into a folder named 0.1 Uploaded arvgta_ajaxify branch as the live site.