barznoble ========= 2014-02-06 Did a comparison and according to the only difference between main branch and "with_arvind_guptas_ajaxify" is the existence of jquery.tinyscrollbar.js According to transmit there are differences in global.js, video.js, home.php, and style.css but it seems the difference is only in the style of line endings. I'd prefer if the line endings never changed when in windows. 2014-02-05 At home in windows. Tried merging the branch 'with_arvind_guptas_ajaxify' back into the Master branch to see what would happen. When I get back on Mac I want to compare with the resulting Main branch to the 'with_arvind_guptas_ajaxify' branch to see if things are really identical between the two now. 2014-02-04 Just a reminder to myself that the branch "with_arvind_guptas_ajaxify" seems to be the one that is live on dreamhost right now. 2013-07-16 2013-07-15 working on using JS/Jquery and youtube api to pull his playlist and video thumbnails for a redesign of the video page. // $.get('').done(function(data){ console.log(data); test = $(data).find('entry id').first().text(); console.log(test); }); // // get the playlist // look at each <entry> in the playlist // look for the link[rel=alternate] in that // get the .text().attr('href') and put it into an anchor element // to make it easier to extract the ?v= parameter // Use the ?v value in the thumbnail url[UQh50BAstWo]/0.jpg // 0, 1, 2, 3, default, mqdefault, hqdefault, maxresdefault $.get('').done(function(data){ console.log(data); videoid = $(data).find('entry id').first().text(); $.get(videoid).done(function(data){ test = $(data).find('link[rel=alternate]').attr('href'); console.log(test); }) }); 2013-06-12 Moved the contents of the root of the site on dreamhost into a folder named 0.1 Uploaded arvgta_ajaxify branch as the live site.