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Mikhail Korobov  committed a6e4d94

Some love for 'inside_src' decorator

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 from fabric import network
-__all__ = ['run_as', 'update_env', 'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv',
+__all__ = ['run_as', 'update_env',
+           'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv', 'inside_src',
            'delete_pyc', 'print_env', 'detect_os']
 def _codename(distname, version, id):
     return inner
 def inside_src(func):
+    """
+    Decorator. Use it to perform actions inside source dir with
+    virtualenv activated.
+    """
     def inner(*args, **kwargs):
         with cd(env.conf.SRC_DIR):