This version is Nanode specific as it requires the extra SRAM and optional uSD socket to work

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Arduino Tiny Basic Author : Mike Field -
Thanks to Dave CJ   (@ceejay on Twitter) for the digital, analogue and sleep functions

SRAM implementation and new commands added by Andrew Lindsay @andrewdlindsay
New commands:
   DIR             - List files in root directory of uSD card
   LOAD file.bas   - Load a program from uSD card filenames are 8.3 format only.
   SAVE file.bas   - Save program to uSD card
   LRUN file.bas   - Load and run program from uSD card
   MEM             - Display basic memory usage values
   TSECS           - function to return 1/10 sec (millis()/100) as int, so only low 15 bits.
   SERVO           - Control a servo on pin 3, 5 or 6

 If a file is found on the uSD card called autoexec.bas then it is loaded and run on powerup and reset.
 Use CTRL-C to break out of running program.

Example files should be copied to a uSD card then they can be loaded and run.

Based on TinyBasic for 68000, by Gordon Brandly

which itself was Derived from Palo Alto Tiny BASIC as 
published in the May 1976 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.