NANODE Custom Bootloader 

See and for details.

This bootloader is based on the latest Optiboot available from and provides 2 targets in the makefile:

1. Target nanodev5 - Optiboot with LED changed to PIN 6, flashes on reset and sketch upload. Additionally if SRAM fitted, looks for an image signature which then causes a new sketch stored in SRAM to be programmed to flash.
2. Target nanode328 - Optiboot but with LED changed to PIN I/O 6, flashes on reset and sketch upload. This is a smaller bootloader.

Files should be installed to sketchbook/hardware/NanodeBootLoader directory.

When Arduino IDE restarted you should see two new boards these are:

[Nanode] Nanode V5 w/ ATmega328 and SRAM
[Nanode] Nanode V5 w/ ATmega328

The first is the one that can reprogram the flash from SRAM image.

SRAM image structure:

Bytes 0-3 - Magic number - 0x79A5F0C1
Bytes 4-5 - Number of bytes in image
Bytes 6-x - Binary Image

The image is always programmed to address 0x0000 onwards as this is the default for compiling Arduino sketches.

The delivery mechanism for the new sketch is not defined here, it is currently part of the main application. for example the demonstration uses a simple tftp server sketch that recieves a .hex image and stores it to SRAM.

If using arduino 1.0 then please replace the cores directory files with the one from the arduino distribution.