cppbench: a lightweight C++ benchmark framework

cppbench is a lightweight benchmark framework.  It's designed for directly
comparable benchmarks.

Simplified BSD License

To obtain cppbench, simply run:

    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/qbproger/cppbench

cmake is used to build the software.  Install cmake before continuing.
Version 2.8.3 was used during development, but older versions will likely
work also.  Just open the CMakeLists.txt file in the top-level directory
and click Configure.  It will ask you to choose a generator, which can be
makefiles or Visual Studio projects.  For the binaries path, I advice doing
an "out of source" build meaning set the binaries path to 
"(top-level directory)/build/".

Here are some variables that can be set through the CMake GUI:
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE should be set to "Release" if you want a release build ("Debug"
    is the default)

BUILD_EXAMPLES should be set to On or Off depending on if you want to build the
    included examples.
When building the install project either through Visual Studio or "make install",
the script will put the result in the path CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.


Website: TODO

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