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While we attempt to build a platform for the ninja community, it's important that we remain open to your thoughts.

Should you experience any issues whilst browsing our website, or have suggestions for improvements we can make, we would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Got an idea for us?

In order for us to understand why you've suggested an idea, it's helpful to break down into three categories:

  1. Problem: how does the site currently function in regards to your suggestion?
  2. Situation: tell us the real-world scenario that led to your idea.
  3. Solution: what do you propose we can do to implement your idea?

Reporting a bug?

If you've discovered something on the site that you think is an error, please try to be specific as you explain what went wrong and what happened. We may need to replicate the steps in order to see the bug for ourselves.

What are you reporting?

Not sure what to put for the 'kind' field?

  • bug | an error on the site.
  • enhancement | an improvement to an existing feature
  • proposal | a new idea for something the site doesn't offer
  • task | a smaller suggestion, such as fixing a typo.

What about the priority?

  • trivial | doesn't impact the use of the site whatsoever.
  • minor | impacts the site, but only in a particular way.
  • major | impacts the site, difficult to use.
  • critical | absolutely necessary for the use of the site.
  • blocked | the website actually breaks/crashes.

By submitting an accurate report, we are able to tend to the issue more appropriately.

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