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Tree - Add element only iterator

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     l = list(elem.itertext())
     assert len(l) == 1
+def test_Element_iter_elements():
+    elem = Element(u'a')
+    assert len(list(elem.iter_elements())) == 0
+    elem.append(Element(u'c'))
+    assert len(list(elem.iter_elements())) == 1
+    elem.append(u'b')
+    assert len(list(elem.iter_elements())) == 1
 def test_Comment():
     elem = Comment(u'a')
     assert serialize(elem) == u'<!--a-->'


             elif isinstance(e, basestring):
                 yield e
+    def iter_elements(self):
+        """
+        Creates an interator over all direct element children.
+        """
+        for child in self._children:
+            if child.__class__ is Element:
+                yield child
 # Subelement factory.  This function creates an element instance, and
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