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 #!/usr/bin/env python
+EmeraldTree, a light-weight toolkit for XML processing in Python
-from distutils.core import setup
+EmeraldTree is a fork of ElementTree - the main differences are:
+* It has a slightly different API:
+  - Handling of text: it uses unicode objects as children (not as
+    "tail" attributes of the elements)
+* API cleanups, removing backward compatibility 
+* Better unicode support
+* Other improvements / optimizations
+The fork happened at ElementTree 1.3a3-20070912-preview.
+For more details please see the `EmeraldTree repository <>`_.
+from setuptools import setup
 DESCRIPTION="EmeraldTree - a light-weight XML object model for Python."
-    version="undefined",
+    version="0.9.0",
+    url='',
+    download_url = "",
     author="Bastian Blank",
+    keywords=["xml", "html", "element", "tree", "dom", "unicode", ],
+    long_description=__doc__,
     license="Python (MIT style)",
+    classifiers=[
+        'Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
+        'Operating System :: OS Independent',
+        'Programming Language :: Python',
+        'License :: OSI Approved :: Python Software Foundation License',
+        'Intended Audience :: Developers',
+        'Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup :: HTML',
+        'Topic :: Text Processing :: Markup :: XML',
+    ],
     platforms="Python 2.4 and later.",
-    )
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