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-Installing PIL
+Installing PIL / pillow
 For some image processing functions that MoinMoin uses like resizing and rotating,
-you need PIL, which is the Python Imaging Library.
+you need PIL, which is the Python Imaging Library (sometimes also referred to as
+python-imaging). Instead of PIL, you can also use pillow, which is a compatible
+fork of PIL (with more active maintenance and it also has been ported to Python 3).
 Windows users who want to install PIL should skip the remainder of this section and read
 Troubleshooting -- PIL Installation Under Windows below.
 Now activate your virtual environment and install PIL into it::
- pip install pil # for Linux or other POSIX OSes
+ pip install pil  # for Linux (or other POSIX OSes)
+Alternatively, if you prefer to use pillow::
+ pip install pillow  # for Linux (or other POSIX OSes)
 Repeat these steps until you don't see fatal errors.
-PIL Installation Under Windows
+PIL/pillow Installation Under Windows
 PIL version 1.1.7 does not install correctly via "pip install pil" on Windows.
 Some users have had success using "pip install pillow", a fork of PIL fixing
 a packaging issue. Other users have resorted to installing PIL 1.1.6 in the
                          # PIL is a binary dependency and some features of it
                          # require special libs/header to be installed before
                          # it can be compiled successfully
+        'pillow': ["pillow"],  # alternative to PIL
         'ldap': ["python-ldap>=2.0.0"],  # used by ldap auth
         'openid': ["python-openid>=2.2.4"],  # used by openid rp auth
         'sqla': ["sqlalchemy>=0.7.1"],  # used by sqla store