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require sphinx >= 1.1, it has the apidoc building script now

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 	make -C docs html
 # this needs the sphinx-autopackage script in the toplevel dir:
-	python -d docs/devel/api -s rst -f MoinMoin
+	sphinx-apidoc -f -o docs/devel/api MoinMoin
 	wget -U MoinMoin/Makefile -O contrib/interwiki/intermap.txt ""
         'Werkzeug>=0.8.1', # wsgi toolkit
         'pytest>=2.1', # pytest is needed by unit tests
         'whoosh>=2.3.0', # needed for indexed search (TODO: 2.3.1 as soon as available on pypi)
-        'sphinx==1.0.7', # needed to build the docs (1.0.8 is broken)
+        'sphinx>=1.1', # needed to build the docs
         'pdfminer', # pdf -> text/plain conversion