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improved a comment, removed unneeded wikiconfig_gae entry

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             raise StorageError("tried to add unexpected member {0!r} to container item {1!r}".format(name,
         if isinstance(name, unicode):
             name = name.encode('utf-8')
-        # cache is used to store data temporarily without touching filesystem.
-        # tempfile stdlib module can not be used on GAE due to that restriction.
+        # The cache is used to store data temporarily. We can't use the tempfile
+        # stdlib module as it touches the filesystem and that is not possible on GAE.
         tar_storage_key = cache_key(usage='tar_storage',
         cache_contents = app.cache.get(tar_storage_key)
         if cache_contents is None:

 #LOGGER_NAME = 'MoinMoin'
 #config for flask-cache:
 CACHE_TYPE = 'gaememcached'
-#CACHE_DIR = '/path/to/flask-cache-dir'
 # DEVELOPERS! Do not add your configuration items here - you could accidentally
 # commit them! Instead, create a file containing this: