xiaq committed 22441b6

improve use of is_new in Ticket.do_modify a bit

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             return self.do_modify()
     def do_modify(self):
+        is_new = isinstance(self.content, NonExistentContent)
         if request.method in ['GET', 'HEAD']:
             form = TicketForm.from_item(self)
         elif request.method == 'POST':
                     CONTENTTYPE: 'text/;charset=utf-8',
-                if isinstance(self.content, NonExistentContent):
-                    data = u''
-                else:
-                    data = self.content.data_storage_to_internal(
+                data = u'' if is_new else self.content.data_storage_to_internal(
                 message = form['message'].value
                 if message:
                     data += message_markup(message)
                     return redirect(url_for('.show_item',
-        if isinstance(self.content, NonExistentContent):
-            is_new = True
+        if is_new:
             # XXX suppress the "foo doesn't exist. Create it?" dummy content
             data_rendered = None
             form.submit_label = L_('Submit ticket')
-            is_new = False
             data_rendered = Markup(self.content._render_data())
         return render_template(self.modify_template,
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