psviderski committed 29b3ded

Refactor Item.modify method, now it accepts extra keyword args to update the meta.

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             # just destroy this revision
-    def modify(self, meta, data, comment=u'', contenttype_guessed=None, contenttype_qs=None):
-        if contenttype_qs:
-            # we use querystring param to FORCE content type
-            meta[CONTENTTYPE] = contenttype_qs
+    def modify(self, meta, data, comment=u'', contenttype_guessed=None, **update_meta):
+        meta = dict(meta)  # we may get a read-only dict-like, copy it
+        meta.update(update_meta)
         return self._save(meta, data, contenttype_guessed=contenttype_guessed, comment=comment)
     class _ModifyForm(BaseModifyForm):
                 meta, data, contenttype_guessed, comment = form._dump(self)
                 contenttype_qs = request.values.get('contenttype')
-                    self.modify(meta, data, comment, contenttype_guessed, contenttype_qs)
+                    self.modify(meta, data, comment, contenttype_guessed, **{CONTENTTYPE: contenttype_qs})
                 except AccessDenied:


         assert item.meta['another_test_key'] == another_meta['another_test_key']
         assert == another_data
+        # add/update meta
+        another_meta = {
+            'test_key': 'test_value',
+            'another_test_key': 'another_test_value',
+        }
+        item.modify(another_meta, another_data)
+        item = Item.create(name)
+        update_meta = {
+            'another_test_key': 'updated_test_value',
+            'new_test_key': 'new_test_value',
+        }
+        item.modify(another_meta, another_data, **update_meta)
+        item = Item.create(name)
+        assert == u'Test_Item'
+        assert item.meta['test_key'] == another_meta['test_key']
+        assert item.meta['another_test_key'] == update_meta['another_test_key']
+        assert item.meta['new_test_key'] == update_meta['new_test_key']
 coverage_modules = ['MoinMoin.items']
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