Roger Haase committed 5c4b070

fix for broken scroll-after-edit

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             // is option to scroll page after edit set?
             if (document.getElementById('moin-scroll-page-after-edit')) {
                 // add click handler to OK (save) button to capture position of caret in textarea
-                $("#f_submit").click(function () {
+                $("#moin-save-text-button").click(function () {
                     caretLineno = getCaretLineno(document.getElementById('f_content_form_data_text'));
                     // save lineno for use in "show" page load
                     if (caretLineno > 0) { sessionStorage.moinCaretLineNo = caretLineno; }


        POSTs originate from their respective applets.
     {% if not form['content_form'].is_draw %}
-        {{ forms.render_submit(form) }}
+        {{ forms.render_submit(form, id='moin-save-text-button') }}
             {{ forms.render_textcha(gen, form) }}
             {{ forms.render(form['comment']) }}
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