Thomas Waldmann committed 6998aed

require xstatic-bootstrap package with twitter bootstrap

URLs currently have to look like e.g.:


Note: the "bootstrap/" is duplicate due to package author including
that directory below data/ in the xstatic package instead of putting
the files there directly.

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         'pdfminer',  # pdf -> text/plain conversion
         'passlib>=1.6.0',  # strong password hashing (1.6 needed for consteq)
         'XStatic>=0.0.2',  # support for static file pypi packages
+        'XStatic-Bootstrap>=',
     mod_names = [
         'jquery', 'jquery_file_upload',
+        'bootstrap',
         'svgedit_moin', 'twikidraw_moin', 'anywikidraw',
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